Over 10 Years Of Experience

Experienced and Reliable Electrical Safety Consultant

We are a Qualified Electrical Safety Consultant

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Over 10 Years Of Experience 

Experienced and Reliable Electrical Safety Consultant

When it comes to Electrical Safety and Facility Reliability there is one Nationally Recognized source of instruction and information. The National Fire Protection Agency, NFPA, is the Official Standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

The Codes established in this lengthy and sometimes confusing guide provides every kind of safety precaution, maintenance requirement, hazardous situation, and risk mitigation procedure to help you protect your assets, (property, employees, vendors, and clients) and limit your fiscal liability.

Over the past 10 years I have visited over 500 different commercial buildings, throughout the State of Florida. From Hospitals, Manufacturers, Municipalities, Condominiums, Retail Office Buildings, Emergency Management, Industrial Facilities, Data Centers, to local Educational Campuses.

About us

We are a Qualified Electrical Safety Consultant

The sad truth is over that time I have found less than 10% of their facility managers, property managers, and building/business owners even own a copy of this essential code book. This is exactly why we created this consulting firm Everything Arc Flash.

You will find everything you need here to understand, learn, and implement in your company as laid out in the NFPA 70E. Our consultation and training services deliver everything you need to know about electrical safety code hazards that MUST be mitigated before a serious, or even worse, accident happens.

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Our safety training gives you everything you need to be safe.

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Yes, we offer free estimates for electrical safety consultations.

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We strive to prevent serious risks from Arc Flash events.

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Our founder Martin Perrone has over 10 years of experience with over 500 different commercial, industrial, healthcare and municipality buildings. 

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